The key to not going broke when you’re fashion-crazed, luxury brand-obsessed and can’t stand to window shop is knowing when and where to shop.  You have your big bi-annual sales to appease the when factor but what pray tell,  do you do for the remaining 363 days of the year?  And that of course, is where Ideeli comes in. 
That’s right.  Ideeli.com will save the day.  As the first invite-only shopping site in the US, you get first dibs on everything from both contemporary and high-end designers at a seriously discounted price (think 50-75% off).

2011 Collections From The Rug Market America

When the markets open in January in Atlanta and Las Vegas, The Rug Market America will debut multiple collections encompassing contemporary and trendy to elegant with never-before seen rug "bling."

Of the newest introductions is the Expressions Collection inspired by all things trendy, hip and sophisticated. Images from the streets and scenes of retro London to the cafes and towers of historic Paris have been captured in this collection of synthetic fiber rugs perfect for homeowners or contract applications. These rugs, providing expressions of inner sophistication, are from the popular Ecconox line that offers designer looks at an attractive price point.


Fashion Confidential Magazine

Fashion Confidential, the designer fashion website, are pleased to announce the launch of their new online fashion magazine. The Fashion Confidential magazine, which launched at the start of September, is available to view online exclusively from the website.

Despite only being launched at the beginning of September, the weekly magazine by Fashion Confidential has already amassed a great degree of content. The magazine currently boasts 33 pages of high end, quality fashion insider information. This magazine is for those who have a keen interest in designer fashion and all things associated with it. The clear and precise layout of the magazine means that it reflects that of a high end glossy magazine but provides the reader with a greater degree of convenience.

Completely free of charge to visitors of the Fashion Confidential website, the magazine not only notifies the reader of the key trends that are emerging within the fashion industry but also gives them an insight into how to create those looks. Committed to helping the fashion-savvy consumer, Fashion Confidential’s online magazine also directs readers to the exact website where they can pick up these fabulous finds to create their own unique fashion forward look. In addition to this the reader is privy to information about the latest collections from the hottest designers as well as insider gossip from all the best fashion events.

Not only does Fashion Confidential publish this great magazine, but it also provides a whole host of other services for visitors to the site. Fashion Confidential tirelessly scours the best online fashion boutiques to provide visitors to the site with the latest and greatest in designer fashion.

Fashion Confidential has something to suit everyone, from those who need the must have designer purchase of the season to those who are more interested in bagging themselves a designer bargain, Fashion Confidential has it all. The website boasts sections which allow visitors to browse all the latest top picks in designer fashion and accessories whilst their Bargain Hunter section displays the best designer products which are available at discounted prices. The Bargain Hunter section also provides information on upcoming sample sales and discounts and offers which are taking place within designer outlets online and offline.

Fashion Confidential was first established three years ago and provides busy, fashion loving, female professionals with a place where they can browse the latest offerings from their favourite designers. Since its launch in 2006, the website has been a roaring success and has developed an ever growing fan base. Rather than directly selling high-end designer garments, Fashion Confidential carefully selects the very best designer items from a range of online designer stores and boutique and displays them on their website, thus making it ideal for those who are pressed for time. Visitors to the Fashion Confidential site can shop at the click of a mouse and are automatically transported to the retailer of their desired item – where they can buy online.